імені Блаженнішого Володимира, Митрополита Київського і всієї  України
ХМЕЛЬНИЦЬКИЙ ІНСТИТУТ ПрАТ “ВНЗ “Міжрегіональна Академія управління персоналом

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The largest humanitarian and economic higher education institution in Ukraine

Beatitude Vladimir, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Khmelnytskyi Institute of the Private Joint-Stock Company “Higher education institution “Interregional Academy of Personnel Management” is a separate structural subdivision of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, one of the largest non-state higher educational institutions in Ukraine.

The institute began its work in 1996. The institution was established with the aim of bringing students closer to the place of residence, solving the problem of employment, ensuring equal opportunities for young people in obtaining high-quality higher education.


For applicants

For joining IAPM you should submit:

  1. Passport or birth certificate (original and copy);
  2. Six colour photos 3x4;
  3. Education document with supplement (original and copy);
  4. Identification number (original and copy);
  5. Testing certificates
  6. Military ticket or certificate of origin (original and copy).

Higher education without EIT


 Selection committee: Monday - Friday: 8:30 -17:00  Break: 13:00 -13:30

Tel.: (0382) 63-70-24,   spam_protected_info (Panchuk Kateryna Mykolaivna)